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Landscape Master Plan: Heritage Glen II

Twinsburg, Ohio

Mature landscaping and pleasantly small homes that blend with their surroundings define this twenty-year-old condominium development in Twinsburg. Boulevard Studios was retained to provide a multi-phase master landscape plan to address dying trees, areas with overgrown plant material, and the development’s front entry beds. Conversations with the homeowners association, residents, and the management company helped identify the priorities and goals for the master plan: The development would benefit from improvements to address specific problem areas while preserving trees and open space that are an asset to the property.

The project was phased with particular attention paid to the HOA’s budget limitations and schedule as well as the HOA’s priorities. The plans were expedited and Boulevard Studios’ presence during installation ensured that new plant material complemented the existing to remain, maximized curb appeal, and better directed views to signage.

Also anticipated for the project, the HOA will address dead and dying trees throughout the development. An overall tree inventory seeks to educate on the types of trees that are present here, common problems that are affecting them, and suggestions for removal and replacement. The inventory is an extensive document which links to photographs of over a hundred trees in the common areas and begins to show patterns for species that were not amenable to the conditions.